Configuration for the Cloud, in the Cloud

What we do

We are veterans of the Internet industry, committed to cloud best practices and proven deployment patterns. Currently, we're working exclusively with Amazon AWS.


Ensuring everything is codified is the first step in cloud best-practices and can include reverse-engineering your current deployments. Configuration as-code then makes possible

  • Versioning and roll-back
  • Auto-scaling
  • Auto-failing
Congratulations, you've taken your first agile step!

Migration Strategy

We understand cloud  'all the way down' which facilitates discussing

  • Candidate applications (Lift and Shift, Re-platform, Re-factor)
  • DevOps, Agile practices and cloud-native patterns
  • Amazon VPC via IPSec or AWS Direct Connect
  • Security

Web-scale Deployment

We love engineering and of course, scaling up to 'web scale' is what we're here to do.  A minumum qualification for a web-scale deployment would be

  • 2 Availability Zones
  • No persistent storage on any instance
  • Auto-scaling groups and elastic load balancing
You receive a working environment configured entirely 'as code' and congratulations again, you just added another 'nine' to your service availability!


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